In a few words

I am a 33-year-old mother and manager of a personal shopping agency specializing in Weddings since 2012.

Having less time to travel to my clients’ homes because I also work as a stylist for companies, I decided to create Wedding Secret to continue sharing my wedding experience and all my little secrets with you.

Why keep my identity a secret?

First of all because in my job as a personal shopper I have always been very discreet. My mission is to highlight my clients, not to highlight myself personally. I am the discreet little mouse who advises with benevolence.

Then, the reason why I want to remain anonymous is that I want to advise my readers of the addresses of talented and authentic service providers. To achieve this, their attitude must not be influenced by my presence or the idea they might have of my work. Because deep down, what I’m looking for above all is to meet wonderful people who talk to me about their work with passion, and as naturally as possible.

Indeed, I want to send you the best, the true, the authentic so that you can be surrounded as best as possible for a wedding that looks like you.

Finally, working as a stylist for brands, I still want to keep my freedom and independence in the choice of my publications and recommendations.

My experiences

Graduated from a fashion design BTS then from a business school, I had the chance to join the superb design house of Lingerie Lise Charmel in the marketing department. I then had the pleasure of having a position as product manager and collection coordinator within creative brands such as Marc Jacobs. I met wonderful people there: graphic designers, buyers, stylists who gave me so much and most of them became friends. But after 5 years, in 2012, my desire for freedom and to create my own business led me to create my consulting and personal shopping agency.

After 5 other years rich in meetings and lessons, I find myself with you, with Wedding Secret 🙂

The wedding blog with extra soul

For bride and groom looking for extra soul to organize their D-Day, you are at home here. For those who wish to find little extras to make all the difference, welcome! Indeed, everything I propose in this blog is done with the heart and with a lot of hindsight. My goal is indeed not to relay information, but to give you keys to organize the wedding to your idea. If I have any information, I will go deeper, inquire, compare before offering it to you. I am lucky to be able to test things live thanks to my job as a wedding personal shopper . This is why you will find in this blog a multitude of small anecdotes which I hope will help you to project yourself.

My goal is not to tell you what is good or not, but to guide you so that you too can take a step back from things and make the best possible choices for your D-Day.

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