Classic Styling Guide: 5 Tips


In a world of fast fashion, trends are ever-changing and it can be hard to keep up with whatever’s trendy now, which is not as trendy the next day. The current fashion landscape may be unpredictable, but that makes the allure of classic pieces all the more appealing. We’re going to go on a stylish journey of the enduring charm of classic style. From the crisp lines of a tailored blazer to the must-have little black dress, we’ll dive into the elements of essential style. Whether you’re a newcomer to the realm of classic style or a fashion aficionado just looking for some new yet classic shoes to accessorize your looks, prepare to be inspired by the enduring glamour of classic styling.

  1. Classic vs. Timeless Style — While the terms “classic” and “timeless” style may be used interchangeably, they actually have distinct meanings. Classic style refers to pieces and outfits that have a lasting appeal, such as the quintessential little black dress, a crisp white shirt, or a tailored blazer. These pieces are rooted in traditional fashion and exude a sense of classic sophistication. Timeless style is broader and encompasses an enduring sense of style that goes beyond trends. To be timeless means to focus on versatile, high-quality pieces that remain relevant and stylish no matter the decade. Classic style is about specific items, whereas timeless style is about a lasting, cohesive aesthetic. Now that you know the difference between classic and timeless style, take your summer look to the next level with classic wedge sandals that combine fashion and comfort.
  2. Learn the Components of a Classic Style — According to fashion stylist April Grow, quality is the essence of classic style. It’s something you can return to time and time again because it’s made from a higher-quality material that’s built to last. Some classic style icons include Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and Kate Middleton. Grace Kelly was known for wearing understated gowns in neutral colors, and on more casual days, she’d wear a fitted turtleneck with tailored pants. It doesn’t cost much to put on a simple neutral-toned shirt and black pants, but it makes a big difference when you want a classic look. As a classic accessory to help you step out in style, try a pair of cute heels to elevate any ensemble.
  3. The Opposite of a Classic Style — There’s timeless. There’s classic. Now, what exactly is the opposite of a classic style? To know whether you’re dressing in a manner that is timeless or classic, it’s also important to know if you’re including elements that are the antithesis of classic. Avant-garde fashion is trendy and focuses on fleeting current fads that you’ll see dominate the runways and social media. While this style is considered “in” and current, bold colors, oversized streetwear, and neon colors may capture the current moment’s hype, they aren’t typically classic colors or silhouettes. Not everyone wants to dress in a timeless sense, and there’s nothing wrong with wearing fashion that pushes boundaries or experiments with different designs. Unconventional materials and clothing that challenge traditional norms are often seen at cutting-edge fashion shows and in haute couture lines. They’re exciting and innovative, but if you want a classic style, keep in mind that avant-garde looks aren’t your focus.
  4. Declutter Your Wardrobe — As tempting as it might be to go ahead and start shopping away, you may want to declutter your wardrobe first. Look at what’s already in your closet and decide which pieces aren’t classic. If you’re really committed to creating a capsule classic wardrobe, start getting rid of or donating clothing that no longer represents your new style. Start organizing your closet so you know what gaps you need to fill in, like more shirts or jackets, to help you build out your new wardrobe.
  5. Spend Time Building Your Outfits — It can take time to build out a classic wardrobe. Invest in your classic wardrobe by beginning with essentials like well-fitted jeans, cashmere sweaters, and neutral-toned pants. Add on classic outerwear like a structured wool coat and trench coat. The shoes you wear are ones that never go out of style, like flats, pumps, and loafers. Building a classic style also involves picking out simple, elegant accessories such as a silk scarf, pearl earrings, and a structured leather handbag. Prioritize quality over quantity and ensure each item is well-made and enduring.

Contrary to popular belief, a classic style doesn’t need to mean a boring style. There are plenty of ways to dress up or dress down a classic look with accessories to show off your unique style. Complete any look with cute purses that add a pop of personality so you can carry all your essentials in style. Remember that classic styling transcends passing trends and changing seasons. Focus on clothing and accessories made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. Incorporating classic staples into your wardrobe helps you cultivate your own signature look that exudes refinement.

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