Gift for women: The most incredible and original ideas.?


Wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, best friend, cousin, colleague… many women in our lives deserve an original and personal gift, but this idea is easier said than done. Not easy indeed to find a present for woman which pleases and is not the eternal bouquet of flowers or the last fashionable novel. If you’re looking for a gift for women that’s a little out of the ordinary, you’ve come to the right place! Tous Les Box gives you a complete list of exceptional ideas, for all women and all budgets!

This file is an extension of our Ultimate Guide to Gift Ideas , where you can also find other ideas.

A few tips for finding the perfect gift

No precipitation ! Before going through our list of gift ideas, here are some tips to put into practice to be sure to please the lucky one!

No to gift cards

If you were thinking of offering a voucher to spend at a clothing, decoration or other store, back off immediately. Nothing says “I had no idea for you and didn’t want to bother” more than gift cards. Keep in mind that the more personalized a gift is, the happier it will be.

Over against stereotypes

As with men, don’t lock women into restrictive categories. Yes, some women are into beauty, fashion, jewelry, or cooking (think food processor in this case), but it would be sexist to imagine that to be a general truth. Get out of retrograde patterns and say yes to diversity!

On the other hand, you can take her age into account, for example we have made a file dedicated to the best gifts for a 30-year-old woman .

talk to her

Please note, we are not asking you to ask the person concerned directly what they would like to have as a gift, the surprise effect would be a bit spoiled… But do not hesitate to discuss their hobbies, their passions, innocently. You will see that the gift ideas should arrive by the legion!

Our best gift ideas for women

Gift ideas for women

There you go, you will now be able to discover our list of gift ideas for women, all more original, inventive and trendy than the others! Good research !

A book to create your own miniature garden

A book on how to make Terariums

Terrariums are all the rage, and we understand why. These mini-ecosystems under glass are both lovely and practically self-sufficient, ideal for anyone who doesn’t really have a green thumb. This book presents around fifty inspiring terrariums, which can easily be reproduced at home.

Terrarium book  : €15.90

A bouquet of dried flowers that will last a long time

Fresh flowers are a classic gift, but with Flowrette dried flower bouquets, you can be sure your gift will last. Not to mention the fact that they are all absolutely sublime, of course:

Bouquet of dried flowers : from €35

A workshop with an incredible craftsman

Wecandoo craft workshops

For a woman who loves origin experiences, we have found the perfect gift: Wecandoo! This service gives access to original craft workshops near you. She will thus be able to discover many skills in a wide variety of fields such as leather, pottery and ceramics, wood, or even cooking.

The only limit of Wecandoo is that imposed by everyone’s imagination. It is possible to participate in creative workshops alone or with family in many ways: initiation workshop, online workshop, visit and tasting or local workshop.

Wecandoo : from 45€

A kit to create a wall wreath

For a woman gifted with her ten fingers, choose this DIY kit to create her own wall wreath in dried flowers. Everything is included to create this delightful object to then hang at home, with the pride of saying: “I made it myself!”.

DIY kit for wall wreath : 38€

An original vase

Rather than offering flowers, take the lead and offer a vase first! Those of Flowrette are created by artisans around the world and are made from concrete, terracotta, or even old bottles of champagne or recycled wood powder!

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