How to Communicate Effectively with Your Online Stylist


In the digital age, many conveniences are at our fingertips: an easy virtual space for pretty much any form of shopping, including personal styling. However, for people who have online stylists, it becomes critical that they communicate effectively when sharing a need or preference.

This is where this article comes in; here are some tips for conversing well with your online stylist and getting the most out of online styling:

Know Your Style

In this respect, it is important to ascertain your style before you turn to your stylist. What sort of clothes put you at ease, and in what could you walk confidently? Consider the following:

Now, what colors do you like?

  • Patterns: Do you prefer solids, stripes, florals, or any other type of pattern?
  • Fits: Do you gravitate more toward loose, relaxed fits, or are you into something more tailored when it comes to clothing?
  • Occasions: What do you dress up for? (e.g., work, casual hangout, party)

Be Genuine and Direct

In short, you must tell your stylist the truth. If there is something that you love or hate specifically, then say it even if it probably seems a small issue. Details count on the day the stylist creates a look that you will fall in love with. For example, supposing there is some fabric you typically can not stand or prefer wearing short-sleeve shirts, tell your stylist.

Discuss Your Lifestyle

For example, your lifestyle is a significant deciding factor in what will work for you. Share with your stylist what a typical day looks like and if any specialty items must be added to your wardrobe:

Setting: Is it formal, is it business casual, or is it creative?

  • Interest and Activities: Looking for exercise gear to work out or clothing to do nothing in?
  • Special Occasion: In the upcoming year, do you expect a special occasion when you need special outfits for the office, vacation, party, or wedding?

Set a Budget

Rough Out your Budget. It makes everything and everyone’s lives easier when you help a stylist make choices within your budget. Give a clear idea of how much should be spent on every piece and the overall limit. This way, the stylist can find stuff that’s easy to afford but still cool enough to merit getting chosen.

Be Receptive to Advice

Although it is important to get your preference across, this process might suggest other most valued styles within your preference. In many cases, a stylist has a bird’s-eye view of trends and pieces that may not come to your mind but may suit you well. Trust their expertise and let yourself try something new.

Schedule Regular Check-Ins

Scheduling such check-ins will more than likely keep communications open and hassle-free. You should schedule updates with the stylist so that any new needs and preferences you may have or lifestyle changes can be discussed together. A stylist will continually give relevant and personalized recommendations from this consistent communication.

Be open with your online stylist so they can complete a wardrobe that speaks and holds your style while meeting your needs. Be very honest, detailed, and open with suggestions. You may want to take some time to describe your preferences and give all sorts of information; after all, you would like to look good and feel great.

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