7 Best Bucket Hats for Men – Reviews and Buying Guide in 2020.?


If being unique is something you hope to achieve when it comes to your personal style, the bucket hat for men is the perfect item for you. The bucket hat craze started somewhere last year and continues to escalate with each passing day. However, we all know that this is an item that is not easy to wear or take off. Therefore, choosing the perfect hat that encompasses size and style is often extremely difficult for many. Not only is finding a bucket hat with great style a challenge, but being able to wear it properly poses yet another difficulty that many people are still looking for answers to. That’s why we’ve created our own collection of bucket hats for men, some of the best currently in store, and the styles available to suit your needs. We also take you further, providing information on hat sizing and other features to consider before buying.

best bucket hat for men

Under Armor ArmourVent Men’s Warrior Bucket 2.0 Hat



The first bucket hat we have on our list is the Under Armor ArmourVent Hat. This bucket is version 2.0, and therefore, it features an improved design and new features that keep it high above all the competition. So it’s no surprise that this bucket hat is our top pick for the day. The ArmourVent features a 100% polyester construction is called the ArmourVent Warrior because it uses ArmourVent technology in its overall design.

One of the many benefits of ArmourVent technology is its ability to provide hat wearers with true breathability, thanks to the stretchy, lightweight, quick-drying and durable fabric of a bucket hat. Technology, in a nutshell, gives you extreme comfort when you put on your bucket hat. It also protects covered skin areas from the sun’s harmful rays, thanks to the presence of SPF 50+. The beveled UA logo that sits on the front of this bucket hat does not match the drawstring feature, which gives you a more secure fit every time you wear the ArmourVent Warrior.

This string bucket hat from Under Armor is a traditionally designed hat, constructed with an extended brim for a more relaxed feel and increased coverage. The ArmourVent Warrior is perfect for your next fishing trip, hiking adventure, so be sure to pair it with your hiking boots, or for those days when you feel the need to cover the crown of your head from the scorching rays of the sun. sun.


100% Polyester


Adjustable drawstring

Beveled UA logo

Outdoor Research Sun Bucket Hat



There is yet another beautifully designed bucket hat on the market, and that is the outdoor search sun bucket hat. This imported unit is constructed with the help of materials such as polyester, nylon, and cotton. The bucket hat’s main shell is made of a double ripstop weave, while the under brim design is made of nylon and cotton.

One of the first things you notice about this hat is its wicking transaction headband, included for your comfort. This headband doesn’t just provide comfort for hat wearers. It also helps with moisture management, for those times when you sweat a lot. It traps sweat and prevents it from running into your eyes or other parts of your face.

For additional adjustment, there is an external drawcord included with this bucket hat. The chin strap of the Outdoor Research bucket hat is removable and has a unique cord lock. If you enjoy climbing, chances are you won’t be undertaking the activity alone. Riding with friends or co-workers makes the trip more exciting, because you’re all working to bring out the best in you.

Climbing partners do more than encourage you. They share your snacks, help us scout out new climbing spots, and push us onto more challenging routes to test our tolerance levels. This hat is a climbing partner you won’t regret having, as it maintains stability even in gusts, thanks to its short brim. It also promises to protect your head and face from the sun and ensures that your hat doesn’t end up flying over your head when the wind starts to pick up. So be sure to combine it with the best climbing shoes on your next adventure.


Detachable chin strap with drawstring closure

Made in China


Wick transaction banner

Under Armor Men’s Tactical Bucket Hat



Another product from Under Armor makes our list of exceptionally designed bucket hats for the everyday man. With a 100% polyester construction, the Under Armor Hatis Tactical Bucket is an imported unit that uses a durable polyurethane woven material that makes it sturdy and extremely strong. Gear allows your bucket hat to endure whatever you throw at it effortlessly.

If you want to keep your head cool and safe at all times when out in the sun, the Tactical Bucket Hat is made with lightweight HeatGear fabric.

Another feature included in the overall design of this bucket hat is the drawstring. This added feature gives you a more secure fit and ensures your hat doesn’t fly over a cliff or into quicksand on your hiking adventures. There is a soft feel associated with the flatlock seams of this hat, and this quality helps prevent chafing.

To keep things subtle yet stylish, the Under Armor logo has been toned and embroidered into the hat for more uniform wear. The great thing about this bucket hat is that one size is designed to fit all head sizes. Wearers should note,

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