You have decided on your wedding dress! Have you thought about the colors of your bridesmaids’ dresses? With their own morphologies, your bridesmaids will look for the ideal outfit to accompany you on this beautiful day. However, since everyone is unique and has their own tastes, you may be faced with very different choices in terms of colors and styles of dresses.

Off, let’s be honest, all brides dream of a certain harmony on their wedding day. And to obtain a homogeneous, elegant and distinguished ensemble, as do the Americans and their bridemaids by their side, here are some tips that we wanted to give you.

You’re not the type to want to impose a color code on your friends? Read this article and at least think about the different shades and cuts of dresses to consider. Indeed, nothing is more beautiful than beautiful outfits of bridesmaids perfectly harmonized with each other.

What shade to choose for a bridesmaid dress? Here are our tips so you don’t go wrong.

Another point to its advantage, the navy blue perfectly highlights the white of the bride’s dress. Whatever the cut of your navy blue bridesmaid dress , it’s a type of pairing that works wonderfully for bridesmaids and the bride.

Long navy blue dresses are also popular for their ability to lengthen the silhouette.

Finally, we can not deny that it is a very easy color to accessorize with gold, silver or even colored jewelry!

Pastel tones: a safe choice particularly suitable for bridesmaids’ dresses

coral and mint bridesmaid dress

As bridesmaid, you represent the bride! Yes, it is an important task that should not be taken lightly. The bride has undoubtedly entrusted you with this mission because you mean a lot to her. Do him honor by choosing a suitable ceremonial dress and circumstances to contribute to this beautiful day which is his. And then in addition, we are not going to hide it, the pressure is starting to watch for you and you dream of finding the dress in which you will shine! If the bride has not given you specific instructions, know that pastel bridesmaid dresses are always preferred. These are safe choices that fit perfectly with the refined and romantic atmosphere of weddings.

light blue bridesmaid dress

No matter the choice of your ceremony dress, it will always be enhanced by a sage, pale pink, lavender or sky blue evening dress.

Now it is to you that we address our future brides. If you love the softness of pastel hues, give your bridesmaids one of these options to choose their outfits:

Suggest a dress color for the wedding but leave them free for the cut  ;

Suggest a model of bridesmaids’ dress and offer them to choose from a range of similar colors (a monochrome). We tell you more just below.

Choose a color of dress but leave free rein to the choice of cuts

dusty pink bridesmaid dress

Having bridesmaids all wearing the same dress color is an aesthetically pleasing choice. Not only will everyone be able to distinguish them from the rest of the assembly, but they will be perfectly harmonized with each other, and perhaps even with your wedding dress.

As each woman has her morphology and it is difficult to impose a particular dress cut on her friends (at the risk of offending them), we advise you to impose the color of the dress instead!

Take the navy blue or rust bridesmaid dress for example. You could have three or four very different bridesmaids, each with a dress they selected. From the long chiffon dress to the short navy blue lace cocktail dress to the one shoulder navy blue midi cut dress , as long as the color chosen is the same you will obtain this magnificent uniformity. To go even further, you can even impose the choice of fabric! Note also that the navy blue ceremonial dress is one of the most appropriate colors for a wedding.

The shades of colors for bridesmaids dresses

pastel bridesmaid dress

Another possible choice, bolder and more original: make the choice of shades that perfectly match each other. Without necessarily opting for a preferred dress model (or on the contrary by defining the same dress for all), decline the different outfits in monochrome shades.

To take no risk, we recommend once again the pastel shades. As they are pure and soft, they will be perfect to easily combine with each other (lilac and candy pink, lemon yellow, daffodil and mint green or even sky blue and dusty blue). Refer to color charts to be sure not to go wrong. The shades should not be far apart and fit perfectly.

Choose the color according to the wedding theme

coral bridesmaid dress

As with your wedding dress, the style of your bridesmaids’ dress should fit in perfectly with your wedding theme. Certain colors are conducive to sublimating certain themes of the day.

For example, for a bohemian wedding, pastel pink, powder pink, pink wood, old pink and all this variation of pink is very easy to explore.

Are you getting married on the beach? Why not go for the blue palette to play with the contrasting setting between the sea, the sky and your ceremonial dresses?

For chic and very dressy ceremonies, you can choose slightly more pronounced colors such as royal blue, emerald green or burgundy for example. Even black is allowed.

Finally, for country and rustic wedding themes, opt for sage green, cream, light gray, etc.

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