Bruce Weber Photographer Shares a Few Pertinent Factors Related to Lighting for Fashion Shoots


In the digital era of today, fashion photography has become more important than ever. There is a high demand for high-quality fashion images from businesses, websites, fashion magazines, and more.  However, it is not easy to become as successful as Bruce Weber Photographer at once. Deep knowledge, high expertise, and years of experience are needed to carve a successful career in fashion photography. The first fashion photographs of Bruce appeared in 1970s in GQ. In 1980s, he came to public attention and in the 1990s he started taking commercial photos for Calvin Klein.

Bruce Weber Photographer marks lighting related factors that aid in taking great fashion photographs

Lighting can make or break a photograph. Therefore, it has to be prioritized in all fashion shoots. But this also does not mean that all photographers need to spend a lot of money on professional lighting gear. Great fashion portraits can be clicked simply with one light source and a white reflector. Many amateur photographers try to create complicated lighting scheme with multiple flashes. But such a set up is hardly needed in most shoots, and can make things pretty confusing. Fashion photographers should keep things as simple as possible. They need to select a location, determine the lighting options that works well with it and proceed.

Before investing in a lighting kit, it is better to learn to work with daylight from a window. The model of the shoot should be asked to stand or sit no more than two meters from the window. The amateur photographer subsequently must shoot from multiple sides and angles to understand how the light falls on the model.  Mixing strobe light and daylight should be avoided in most cases. If it is possible to only shoot in daylight, then the photographer must stick to it. They can use a reflector to enhance it. In case extra light becomes necessary, then just a simple constant artificial light or a strobe can be used.

While outdoor shoots are always exciting, fashion photographers often have to work in a studio environment. The studio must be kept dark as possible, so that the daylight does not interfere with it. A strobe light can be used for indoor shoots to focus interest on the model. Light from a pilot lamp, on the other hand, can be used to focus and see where the shadows and highlights are.

One can explore the fashion photos clicked by eminent professionals like Bruce Weber Photographer to learn more about the best lighting techniques.  Bruce has worked for fashion houses like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Versace, as well as Abercrombie and Fitch.A number of his photos are in the permanent possession of Victoria The work of Bruce Weber has also been exhibited in London’s National Portrait Gallery, New York’s Whitney Biennale, Venice’s Palazzo Fortuny, D.C’s Russell Senate Building, Milan’s Galeria Corso Como, and more. He is especially renowned for his black and white images, and his fashion spreads are always charged with emotion.

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