Arriving at the boutique, Chloé told me about her desire to have an engagement ring that was a nod to Chronos. She wanted to bring the other women in her family into this exceptional jewel and affirm her deep respect for family values. She wanted her to possess the radiance of her love for Gautier and the imprint of the past of women who had also said “yes”. Both radiant and patinated!

“I want this ring to look like it was inherited from my grannies,” she told me. After lengthy research for the central diamond, it is indeed the softness of pink gold which has imposed itself as evidence to respond to Chloé’s tenderness. Her pretty amber skin goes perfectly with her Antoinette ring which fulfills its mission: to be a mirror of the past to celebrate an eternal love. I was delighted to follow this beautiful project with Gautier and Chloé and I wish them a beautiful installation at the sweet rhythm of Reunion Island. Decidedly a holiday love can go far… very far.


Could you tell us under what circumstances you met your fiancé? We met in 2008, at the age of 18, Chloé had just moved to France after her baccalaureate and an idyllic childhood on Reunion Island. Our meeting: during our holidays in Cap d’Agde. We were apartment neighbors in the holiday residence with our respective groups of friends. After a first kiss in a nightclub, love at first sight after a long discussion while watching the sunset, holiday love quickly turned into love for life!

How proud are you of your fiancé? Gautier: she is beautiful, elegant, very funny, always smiling and in a good mood, always up for it and has this touch of madness and exoticism that makes me crack up! I love his whole personality, his generosity and his kindness. I’m very proud of what she’s become since we met, she’s become a woman of temperament who flourishes professionally. Chloé: pfiou so many compliments, I have tears in my eyes… I am clearly proud of his values, of the respect he has for women, of being a gentleman on a daily basis (alert: on the way to disappearance), of his everyday attentions. In fact, I’m proud of him, of his beautiful person quite simply, someone good and fair! I believe that I

What is its greatest quality? Gautier: his generosity. Chloé: her kindness (too great sometimes).

Regarding your engagement ring, had you thought about it before you even met your fiancé? Gautier: joker. Chloé: Not at all, it’s crazy but I had never thought of it unlike all my girlfriends… so I won’t explain to you the difficulty for me and for gautier… but a lucky star has slipped on our way (Thank you C.)!

What does engagement mean to you? And the wedding? what are its core values? Gautier: A unique and lasting commitment. Values: Love, Trust, Respect and Sharing. Chloé: Rolalala I’m ashamed but at first I didn’t necessarily want to get married… but for Gautier it was very, very important… When he proposed to me, I was over the moon, I found it so beautiful so touching that I melted with love! Since we are organizing the wedding… I realize that it is unthinkable not to get married. It’s such a strong commitment: finally we concoct the fruit of our love and that’s beautiful! On the program of our life: laughter, love & tears of happiness!

How did your fiancé ask you to marry him? Where did your fiancé propose to you? We were on vacation in Zanzibar in August 2016. I knew I was going to ask for her hand there. But I hadn’t planned the place or the time… so I waited for the perfect moment, which arrived on the last day of our trip, on the beach at Page… after a last walk with my feet in the water in a dream setting, we approached the edge of the beach where I had prepared a message using driftwood and coconut: “Chloé will you marry me?” – she said yes… even if she had to do it twice for me to hear! The best day of my life.

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